12oz Japanese Wagyu Beef A5 Striploin Steak Frozen 1 Packet

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    The majority of Japanese Brand Wagyu is from Hokkaido, such as Kobe, Matsusaka and Tajima. Hokkaido has fairly low temperatures, the proper climate for calves. Rich in nature, Hokkaido provides fresh water and air.


    Moreover, the calves (approximately 10 months after birth) are taken care of with high quality feed. Hokkaido Brand Wagty lovingly fatten each calf individually at the production centers. Thus, the world agrees that the beef from Hokkaido has high quality.


     How Hokkaido's Wagyu Taste Like

    Hokkaido Wagyu has distinguishing taste than the rest of wagyu. The beef is tender and juicy. Its delicious marbling, beautiful colour, and mouthwatering texture are the reasons that Hokkaido's Wagyu has high quality.

    Hence, Hokkaido Brand Wagyu is also healthy. It contains a great deal of proteins, minerals, vitamins, iron, and other various nutrients. Imagine an extremely delicious food which also help you building a healthy body. Hokkaido's Wagyu that is!

    Wagyu can be consumed in various dishes. Ranging from steak, yakiniku, to shabu-shabu.