As we have received many requests for Korean Rice Cake, 

We are now accepting orders for the rice cake until 10/12/2020,

The rice cake will be available for collection on 18/12/2020,

Pre-order rice cake for home delivery will receive your order on 19/12/2020.

Product List:

N01 꿀떡 400g €6.50/ Pkt -

N03 맵쌀팥시루 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N04 녹차설기 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N05 인절미 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N06 흑미찰떡 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N07 팥찰시루 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N08 호박찰떡 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N09 모듬떡 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N010 무지개 떡 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N011 백년초찰떡 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N012 약식 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N013 절편 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N014 콩꿀떡 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N015 호박설기 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N016 하트백설기 400g €6.50/ Pkt-

N017 떡가래 1kg €9.50/ KG-